Wednesday November 18th, 2009….. that was the last time that I wrote a post for old blog “Peterborough Politics”. It’s been going on close to 10 years since that last post, and so many things have happened and changed in that space of time.

So what happened to me you might ask? Why did I stop writing and why did I end the blog I had spent four years on. The answer to that question is a pretty simple one; I was given the opportunity to live out a dream, one that I had been having ever since my earliest of days in school. I got the chance to go work on Parliament Hill, working for an Member of Parliament.

It was a chance that I simply couldn’t turn down, one that changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful for. When I came onto the Hill at the end of November, 2009, the world was a different place. We were in a minority Parliament and there were no guarantees about how long we would have left and when that next election would come, let alone if we would still have jobs after that election happened. In hindsight, it was a crazy risk to take; giving up a comfy, safe job with a pension and benefits and knowing it all could be over in a matter of months. But instead of the worst happening, I got to be a very small part of and a front row seat to some amazing times and events in the history of our country.

But after nine years of living a dream, getting to pour myself into issues and topics I care about deeply to my core, it was time to move onto the next phase in life. This year I turn 40 (yeah, I’m getting older) and I now have a young family; living and planning life on a four year election cycle was just simply not as easy on the family and myself. It was time for a change.

Just as haphazard as my going to work on Parliament Hill was, moving onto the next challenge was something I honestly never thought of; I didn’t go to work thinking about what I would do afterwards. I was just happy to be there and wasn’t thinking that far ahead. So when the family and I decided to look for a change, my mind was open to what that might be. In the end that change came in the form of an opportunity, which brought be into the world of government relations. This fall I became a part of the team at Bluesky Strategy Group and it’s been just as great a leap into the unknown as going to Parliament Hill itself was.

And that brings me back to this point, Tuesday January 15th, 2019. Why did I decide to start up another blog and come back to this? Honestly, for many of the same reasons I did when I first started. I believe that it’s always a good things to hear what others have to say, to bring different and diverse voices into the conversation and to be heard. And that doesn’t matter what the venue is, whether if it’s online, in the House of Commons, in the media or just in your local community; I believe that speaking out and being a part of the discourse is good for society for the most part .

But I come to this blog from a different perspective now, one that I guess I can only chalk up to having lived more, experience more and having grown up more (maybe only a bit, all depending on who you ask). That perspective really will guide this blog and how I go about it. My goal of this blog is for it to be a productive venue, not one interested in partisan bluster, overstatement and hyperbole. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a card-carrying New Democrat, but I am much more interested in progress and making things better. I’m not interested in any ideological purity tests or anything like that and you won’t find that here. At this point in my life, I am much more interested in the end result rather than who completed it or who gets credit for it. So if you’re looking for hyper-partisan rhetoric, I’m sorry but I don’t plan on supplying it here. If you’re looking for mean attacks and name calling, sorry I won’t be able to help you there either.

I plan to continue to write about issues that mean deeply to me and issues that need attention drawn to them, but also to talk about where I see progressive parties doing things right and where I see them heading down the wrong path. In this current, tense political environment, I believe that we owe it to everyone in this country to be honest about this, looking critically at our own work and seeing how we can do better, not just pointing and yelling at the other side.

On top of writing this blog, I will also be starting a podcast where we will tackle the same issues. I hope to have the podcast up and running soon, so please keep an eye open for it.

I’m happy to getting the chance to come back to this forum, to opine as best as I can and taking part in the debates on this side of things again. I hope that you enjoy reading and listening, and lets start talking again. Thank you, Merci, Miigwetch, Marsee.


  1. Welcome back, especially with such a heartfelt piece. I look forward to more. …alan