This morning I woke up and started my day with my usual Friday routine; I got cleaned up, got myself ready for work, took out the garbage and the recycling as I do on this day of the week. Having spent a couple of days wrapped up in my own things, I started this morning feeling less connected to things as I usually do.

But then before leaving the house, I saw the news coming from New Zealand on my Twitter feed. On the drive into work, I listened to news coverage of the events in Christchurch, taking in what had taken place. Then I got into my office and I saw a video that struck a chord with me; it felt like it had gotten in right.

Sometimes we say the best things by saying little at all, and there will be another day to talk about the politics of all this. But for now, I share this with you all, from Waleed Aly of Australia’s Network Ten show “The Project”. This says it all for me today, and speaks loudly on this tragic day. I know it will be in my thoughts as I pray for the 49 innocent people lost today in Christchurch.