Late this afternoon we finally got to see the documents that Jody Wilson-Raybould submitted to the House of Commons Justice Committee in regard to the SNC/PMO Scandal. Given that the governing Liberals have made a point of keeping Wilson-Raybould from testifying again, that has left her with fewer options to speak. That led her to submit her notes, emails, texts and documentation from that time period, to support her testimony before the committee before. But like so many things in this story, there was a new twist that came out before we even got to that point, a Nixonian one at that:

Yes, a tape…. There was an audio recording included in the documents, one that now turns out to be of the entire phone conversation between Wilson-Raybould and Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick, the one that took place on December 19th. You can download the audio here, but wow, it’s a must-hear:

Wow everyone, that recording…. it’s hard to put into proper terms how damning hearing that whole seventeen-minute conversation is for the government. On the part of Wilson-Raybould, I heard a Minister trying her best to get across the point of why SNC-Lavalin shouldn’t be getting a DPA. She made it painfully clear, to the point where she was imploring Wernick to explain this to the PM, that she was trying to save him from himself. Amazingly, in my opinion, Wernick sounds better in my estimation than he has previously; in listing to Wernick speak, I heard a civil servant trying to make two ends meet, trying to find a solution. I didn’t hear the caustic tone that he used when he testified before the Justice Committee twice before.

If anything, here though, this document dump supports Wilson-Raybould’s testimony and when you hear the voices in that conversation, it just raises everything to a whole new level. It also shows that the government has lost complete control over this, and it further supports the NDP’s call for a public inquiry, that’s clear. It’s a bit surprising that as we close in one the second month of this scandal that we keep getting game-changing news like this, yet here we are. If I’m the Prime Minister, I’m not feeling good tonight and if I’m in the Liberal caucus, I’m worried what else Jody Wilson-Raybould has to say. After these documents, the cries to hear more are only going to grow louder and more insistent.

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