Sunday mornings are times that I look forward to; it’s a nice time to usually take it somewhat easier, spend some time with the family and given the person who I am, usually taking in the Sunday political shows. It’s usually interesting to see everyone different takes on the week, and given the developments of Friday, today promised to be especially interesting. So what did the Sunday shows have to say?

Yeah, not exactly glowing reviews for the government, but I doubt we were really expecting that today. After this though, a lot of people have been wondering what could possibly come out next, and that’s a fair question. One of the hallmarks of this story has been the constant drip of details to come out day after day, week after week. It’s honestly been quite remarkable to see play out, but it’s something that couldn’t possibly happen again, right? How many drips could the be? Well, seems like the tap hasn’t been turned off quite yet:

Another document submission to the Justice committee, meaning another document release to come, this time from Mr. Gerald Butts of all people. While I have to admit this is an interesting twist in this story, given how little Mr. Butts had to say before the Justice Committee and most of that seemed to revolve around their early December meeting at the Chateau Laurier and the meeting in late December with Wilson-Raybould’s Chief of Staff. He didn’t have much more to say when he appeared before, and since then, the only new details that have seemed to come out directly involving conversations with him involved talking with Jane Philpott.

With that being the case, I don’t expect the Butts Papers to have the same effect and impact as the Wilson-Raybould Tape. But this story has delivered surprise after surprise, so I guess it wouldn’t be completely unheard of for that to happen. The only way I would expect anything new would involve something that was probably held back when he testified before, and for that to be impactful, it would have to have been something very significant, something that probably shouldn’t have been withheld. I guess we’ll see what that day brings, whenever it comes this coming week.

So while we will all look forward to the release of these notes and text messages, the story will continue to drip along. Will this release help to turn the tide for the government or undo the effects of the documents Wilson-Raybould submitted last week? I put my money on no. With a two-week sitting for the House coming ahead, before the last major break before the House rises for the election, tension will be high in Ottawa for sure. The pressure will be on under the glass dome of the West Block and we’ll be watching it closely.

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