So here we are, the day after all the events of last night and in the light of the new day, the SNC/PMO Scandal continues apace as we are left to assess the fall out from yesterday. Today in Ottawa has been interesting too, because Equal Voice has brought 338 young women from across Canada to take part in the “Daughters of the Vote”, which is one of the most uplifting things I’ve ever seen in my time around political Ottawa. But in the light of last nights news, it was going to be interesting to see what would come this story taking place as these young women were here to witness this first hand. So how have people reacted today? Here is a summary:

If the PMO thought they were going to boot these two former cabinet minsters and that everything would be alright, I think that series of tweets shows that they were very wrong. Seriously, a year ago, could you have imagined about 50 young women protesting by turning their back on him at that same event last year? I doubt it very much, but that’s where we’ve gotten to in a short eight weeks. And to see the reactions from the Liberal caucus, it is clear that they haven’t figured out how to speak to this, a prime example of Mélanie Joly’s comment about “loyalty”. Last time I check the Oath of Office, loyalty to their party isn’t anywhere there to be found. But we’ll come back to that another time, as something else of note happened before Question Period took place:

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott spoke to the media before Question Period, and it was striking to see their poise in this difficult situation, but it was also striking in just how consistent their story has been and remained. They told everyone again that they were standing up for what is right, standing in stark contrast to the changing story that the Prime Minister has been telling. It made it clear that the PM is working from a major position of weakness here, and that Wilson-Raybould and Philpott at the ones with real credibility here.

This all seems like a crazy position the Liberals have to put themselves in, as the government continues to seem hellbent on bending over backwards for SNC-Lavalin, despite the charges they face. We’ve kept hearing this chorus about jobs that SNC debunked themselves, followed by lines about how SNC has changed and are not the same company, that todays workers shouldn’t pay for the past crimes of those who are now gone. To say that is to suggest that there is nothing new on that front, that all is hunky dory now. Well, with all this talk about other shoes dropping, maybe it seems fitting that another big one would come crashing down on SNC before all was said and done. And folks, what a big shoe it is:

Congrats everyone, looks like your dollars that you pay in taxes were allegedly going to towards bribing corrupt officials and regimes all around the World. Of course, this is the kind of act that would normally involve a company like SNC-Lavalin being denied financing from Export Development Canada, but as the story goes, this all went unnoticed. Oops!!! And folks, that’s the company that the Liberal Party of Canada is going to Hell and back trying to bail out and bend the law for?

This new twist in this story is sure to give it more fuel to continue on, but it feels safer as each day goes by this is going to be a part of people’s ballot question. This all smells and doesn’t look good at all on this government that promised to be better. And as much as the Prime Minister wants to keep suggesting otherwise, attempts to interfere with the independence of the judiciary are very important matters. These are the foundation of our democratic house, and when those are chipped away at, it weakens our government institutions as a whole. Out of all of the hills that I thought that this Liberal government would want to die on, I never would have guessed it would be on this one. But hey, I guess it’s 2019.