In the week after the expulsion of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, the whole SNC/PMO scandal story continues apace and we’re continuing to see fall out from the decision taken by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. When this move was made, there was sure to be fallout from it and today, some more of that fallout started to raise its head. The first bit of that came from inside the House of Commons itself from none other than Jane Philpott herself:

An interesting gambit here from Dr. Philpott, rising to her feet to raise this specific point. The fact is the Speaker of the House of Commons ruled just last week that he didn’t have the responsibility to enforce the law that she raises, although I guess you could argue that it might apply in this case because she was removed and that she didn’t quit. But folks, she’s not the only person raising this point about this specific act:

So now the grassroots of the Liberal Party are speaking up, raising this point, taking it right to the President of the Liberal Party of Canada and asking for a full investigation into the expulsion. I’m pretty sure that request will fall on relatively deaf ears, but the fact that someone has taken this step does speak pretty loudly and speaks to some of the discontent in the ranks of the Liberal grassroots. But that’s not the only shoe to drop coming from that level of the Liberal Party:

Most of the Liberal Riding Association in Markham-Stouffville has resigned, walking away, disappointed and unhappy. This move doesn’t come as a shock to me, as it seemed like it would be a natural thing to happen in the course of things. But what jumped out at me was the number of people, most of whom seem to be senior in that riding. That’s the local institutional knowledge of a riding association walking away and sitting out the next election at the very least. And who knows, maybe some of them will follow Dr. Philpott when she decides her future.

And folks, while none of these stories may be massive in their own rights or all put together, they continue the “drip, drip, drip” of this scandal. They keep the attention of the public on the facts of this case and shows that as much as the Liberal government may want it, this is just not going away. Stories like these also show that not all is calm and smooth in the Liberal family, a political family with a storied history of infighting and divisions. I don’t think that this case is the same of those past ones, but still history is history.

In the meantime, we’ll see more and more on this story as the week goes along, that just seems like a given. And with every new detail, another drip will join the others that have already fallen. We’ll see where it all goes but with a two-week Easter break coming at the end of this week, I can just imagine how quickly the Liberals hope that Friday gets here as fast as it can.