As we have been noting here, the Ford Conservatives have been dealing with a lot of blowback from decisions that they have made. We’ve been seeing more and more manifestations of this unhappiness and growing anger about many of these decisions and cuts as they have been trickling out. It’s been striking to see for a government that hasn’t even reached the one-year mark in this mandate. It was with that in mind that we saw another such manifestation, from another place that one wouldn’t have expected:

A week after Doug Ford got booed at the Special Olympics, the Premier manages to get booed at a tech conference? Seriously? This is another venue where you don’t expect to see a politician get booed, but that’s part of the Ford Conservative experience. Given their cuts to AI research funding, totaling $24 million, it’s a booing that was more than warranted. Still it’s striking to see another group of people speaking out so loudly against this government “For the People”.

What’s been just as fascinating to see from the Blue Team has been the ham-fisted way they have been responding to these expressions. One Conservative MPP whose been particularly fascinating to watch on this is Sam Oosterhoff, who if you remember called the police on a group of book wielding seniors who dared to protest cuts to library funding. I’m sure that was so very, very scary for him and his staff.

Then this weekend we saw a massive protest outside of an event he was hosting in his riding, where people were protesting not only the Conservative cuts, but also Oosterhoff’s comments about wanting to outlaw abortion in this country. Young Mr. Oosterhoff has proved to not only have an amazing ability to make himself a human lightning rod for protests, he’s also proved himself to be amazingly thin skinned and unable to deal with the idea of people potentially expressing the opposition to him or his ideas. With that in mind, it seems that Mr. Oosterhoff has taken a new tact when it comes to dealing with potential protests, one that TFO uncovered:

As TFO reports, Oosterhoff was supposed to do an announcement at l’école Jean Vanier in Welland. That lead to students and the student council raising concerns about this, about his views on abortion and moved them to protest. They even put this up on an Instagram account voicing their concerns:

This seems to have taken off in this school community and it really shouldn’t be surprising. Given these comments by Oosterhoff, added to the attacks on the Franco-Ontarian community that the Ford Conservatives have been doing since getting elected, this community of youth is paying attention and not afraid to stand up to this government. And this MPP wanted to use their school for free publicity and to push their program that much more? It’s no wonder that these students stood up and said “Pas dans mon école”.

Yes, it turns out that Young Sam has turned to the “Sir Robin” approach and has run away from the potential “danger” of protesting high school students. When faced with that determined opposition, Oosterhoff cancelled; he ran away with his tail between his legs rather than face the youth (who are only a few years younger than him, so are pretty much his peers) who have raised very serious concerns. That’s so very “for the people” right? And I repeat that we’re not even finished their first year yet. That means we still have another three years of this train wreck of a government, and I doubt that people like these students are going to stop speaking out against the Ford Conservatives. This has been quite a week in the life of this Ford Conservative government, and folks, it’s only Thursday morning.