Most experts have been predicting that the upcoming Federal election is going to be a wild and intense. There is a lot of uncertainty and a few wildcards in this deck, things that are making the potential outcomes all the more unpredictable. One of the biggest wildcards in this campaign promises to be Maxime Bernier’s Peoples Party. It looks like they’ll be on every ballot across the country and it’s hard to say exactly how well they will do. Part of doing better is attracting star candidates or candidates of note and it seems that we’ve gotten some news out of left field this morning on that front, news that I don’t think that anyone saw coming:

Wow folks, now that’s a twist I don’t think that we saw coming. Renata Ford, the widow of Rob Ford, who is suing Doug Ford for allegations regarding the handling of Rob’s estate and who was given three years probation for impaired driving, is going to be running for Max Bernier in the heart of Ford Nation, Etobicoke North. That’s wild, crazy and a total curveball.

For Bernier and the PPC, there’s no downside to this nomination, especially when compared to other nominees that are running for this party elsewhere. Having a Ford on the ballot brings a certain level of credibility to his party and now causes bigger problems for the Scheer Conservatives, who are trying to keep their distance from the Ford Government while still wanting the support and vote of the Ford Nation voters, especially in the outlying areas of the GTA.

This nomination could mark a true fight for the heart and soul of Ford Nation and potential for who truly represents the legacy of Rob Ford. Given how Doug Ford has been getting more and more unpopular, the legacy of Rob could be a powerful thing for a conservative party. The other thing that this nomination could do is make it extremely hard for Doug Ford to stay out of this campaign, no matter how much Andrew Scheer and the Blue Team hopes he will. Having his sister-in-law in this race, in his own backyard no less, will not only increase the pressure on Doug to response and get involved, it could prove to be too big a temptation for Doug to deny.

In a campaign of wildcards, this nomination could prove to be the wildest of all. I probably won’t lead to a PPC seat, but it will go a long way to helping the Liberals hold more of theirs in the GTA while keeping the Conservatives out of government. It may be too soon to tell, but this nomination is probably the best development for the PPC in many months and is bad news for the Scheer Conservatives. At the very least it’s an interesting twist to add to many others to come in the 43rd General Election.

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