Over the summer everyone in political Ottawa has been taking their best guesses about when the writs for the 43rd General Election would finally be drawn up. There have been many schools of thought about when would be the best time to do this. Some have felt going earlier is the way to go, while others have thought to hold on to the last possible day.

The early provincial election sprung in Manitoba helped narrow the field a bit, as many people correctly assumed the Liberals would wait for that to pass until sending the whole country to the polls. With today being Election Day in Manitoba, that has left many people wondering when it would finally come. Everyone has been reading the tea leaves looking for clues and hints of when it all might finally go down, but today Radio-Canada came up with probably the best piece of intel on this topic to date. What did they find?

Radio-Canada’s Louis Blouin is reporting that Liberal campaigns in Quebec are receiving their campaign signs today and have been told to be ready for a launch tomorrow. In Quebec, traditionally campaign signs aren’t put up until the actual campaign starts, unlike in other parts of the country where campaign signs are already appearing on lawns and public spaces. So that is a big hint of what might be coming but also seems a bit counter intuitive.

For starters, the Conservatives are officially launching their campaign tomorrow in Quebec City and if the Liberals actually go ahead and kick things off tomorrow, that would guarantee more attention to that launch. Further to that, going tomorrow means that Thursdays first debate becomes a bigger event, one which Prime Minister Trudeau won’t be attending. While the Liberals already have their excuses for not showing up in Toronto for that debate, it’s a harder case to make when you’ve formally started the election the day before. That could blow up in their faces.

But all that aside, there is a glaring reason to not start an election tomorrow, one that the Conservatives have seemed to ignored by launching their campaign in Quebec on that same day; tomorrow is September 11th. It will be the 18th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a solemn day. So it seems a bit uncouth to be launching an election on such a day, especially when you have full control over when you do it. Let’s face it, there’s nothing forcing the Liberals, nor the Conservatives for that matter, to do any of this tomorrow. These are choices that they are making, consciously and of their own accord. If I were making that decision, I know that September 11th would be totally out of consideration for that reason.

We’ll see if the Prime Minister does end up making a trip to see the Governor General tomorrow and send us all off on this six week electoral journal, or if we’ll all have to wait a few more days to be launched in that direction. Regardless of when that happen, we’re in it now and the campaign is about to begin. The rubber is about to hit the road and being 2019, it promises to be a campaign the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

UPDATE: 1:34 PM – It’s official, it’s on as of tomorrow