It’s been a very rough start to the 43rd General Election for Elizabeth May’s Green Party. Between candidate vetting that’s proved to be lacking, a poor platform launch with gaffes galore in the document and now news about data management issues, it’s been a cavalcade of mistakes and difficulties for the Green team. That might be why L’Actualité’s Alec Castonguay gave the Greens a “D” on their first week, summing up his comments by saying that it’s clear that they aren’t ready to play in the big leagues.

It’s understandable then that many Greens are hoping that their team might turn the corner and things might get better, but folks, that doesn’t seem to be happening with two new stories that came out over night from Ontario. First story came from Guelph, a riding that is represented by the Greens lone MPP and a riding that seems to be their top target in the province. And this story is one that has a familiar theme to it, but one that probably won’t help their chances:

Another 9/11 Truther post from a Green? Seriously? What is it with the Greens and Trutherism? By my count, that makes three Green candidates in this race that have been involved in such things, including their second MP, Paul Manly. Now his campaign says that he’s not a truther and that this post was a “one-time post made purely out of intellectual curiosity”, which is not exactly a strong reply to this issue if you ask me. His excuse is that he was “truther-curious”? Come on, that’s just not going to cut it.

Another interesting detail that the Guelph Mercury story on this notes is something I’ve never heard before. According to their reporting, in 2014 May herself presented a petition in the House of Commons “calling on the Government of Canada to conduct a parliamentary review into the events that occurred in the United States on September 11.” Naturally she was criticized for that but again, I have to ask, what is it with the Greens and Trutherism? This is crazy.

But folks that’s not the last story we have today. The next story comes from the bell weather riding of Peterborough-Kawartha and revolves around Brock Grills. He was the Green candidate in the riding until late July of this year, when he stepped down for “personal reasons.” That happens from time to time, people step forward then back out, so nothing really jumped out at people at the time. Yet yesterday Mr. Grills came back into the news with a social media post of his own, one that brings new light onto that previous resignation and raises new questions:

We’ve all heard the jokes for years about the Greens and their Conservative leanings, so I’ll leave those for you to make at home. But this announcement of the Green candidate going to back the Conservatives just amps that up a bit. Amazingly while announcing his endorsement of Conservative Mike Skinner, Grills stated that he will “continue to hold true to my position on serious environmental and social issues.” Something doesn’t add up there, because the Scheer Conservatives positions on the environment and social issues seem to be pretty far apart on paper. One has to wonder how someone who thinks that the Conservative Party of Canada can be a solution for environmental issues managed to pass that vaunted Green vetting process. You know, the process we were told would ensure that only pro-choice and pro-environment candidates got approved, therefore we didn’t need to worry about what they might do if elected when their votes weren’t whipped.

Personally I have to admit that I can’t help but shake my head at this continual stream of stories coming out of the Green camp. Another alleged truther and now a candidate who thinks that Andrew Scheer is the solution to climate change. Man, what is going on in that tent? These two stories just go to further prove that Mr. Castonguay’s comments about this party are on the mark, because while every party has bad days, defections and issues, they don’t have them on a daily basis and in ways that were so easily able to be found out. You have to wonder how much longer this will continue for the Greens but at this point, it seems like they are blowing their best chance ever at a breakthrough federally. You only get so many chances to make a first impression and if the first week of this campaign has been any indication, that first chance is long gone for the Green team.