We are well into the 43rd General Election now and we are starting to get into a normal pace and patter to then campaign itself. Events and announcements each day, lots of travel and photo ops and doing your best to push out your message. Some days that all rolls out smoothly, but on others, well, it just doesn’t seem to. Today we’ve seen two prime examples of the rough days, the first one coming in Burnaby where Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was supposed to make an announcement, or at least that what the plan until he got a bit hung up:

Yep, their bus literally got hung up and stuck. It was so bad that they had to bring in the reinforcements, as a new bus was brought in to try to keep the Red team moving. Obviously, the video of this travel snafu brings out a lot of jokes and snarky comments and really, the metaphors completely write themselves. Heck at one point they were literally spinning their wheels. The jokes write themselves folks, but the images that go out about it have the power to drown out the message of the event and stick in people’s minds.

So yeah, not a great start to the day for the Red Team, that’s for sure. But they were not alone to have their own bad turn on the road, a different one that looks pretty bad on the Conservatives and their leader Andrew Scheer. What happened? Well it looks like someone on the bus called “Omaha!!!” at the last minute on their tour schedule:

As we saw in the first example, stuff can happen on the campaign trail and that sometimes means making some last minute changes to the schedule. Normally that happens either because of weather, a problem with a venue or simply just because you’re running late. Life happens, even on campaigns. But this jumped out at me because it didn’t seem that the Blue team was having any problems like those. Nope, the problem didn’t seem to be technical, timing or even a bit of rain.

The “problem” appeared to be, in the eyes of the Conservatives, that there were protestors there. 50 protestors to be exact, climate change protestors. Ohhh, that horror, right? But as the campaign bus approached the venue on the University of Waterloo’s campus in Cambridge, they suddenly announced that they would be skipping this stop and moving onto the next event elsewhere in the area.

Needless to say, this just looks very bad on Scheer. Not only does it look like he can’t deal with any opposition or simply a crowd of youth wanting to get a message across to him in one of the most democratic ways, it undercuts his message about being this approachable, everyman who would be a Prime Minister for everyone. Also, lets face it, it makes him look a bit scared, which is never a good look, especially when you’re trying to prove that you’re ready for primetime.

Whatever that next event was might have been an amazing one with a great announcement but we probably will never know because of this buzzing by and ditching of a previous event. It also just looks so bad, and brings about metaphors and images all of its own, like this for example:

Yeah, that was a bit too easy, wasn’t it? Anyway there are weeks still to go in this race and there will be more ups and downs for all campaigns. The question really is about how many come on their own and how many are of the campaign’s own creation? The unforced errors hurt the most and this last story surely counts in that category.