As we enter the last two weeks of the 43rd General Election, we’ve reached a point where you have a good idea about how the parties are doing, who has some momentum and who is having a rougher go. While the polling numbers continue to stay relatively static, there are many other indicators out there that we can look at to see how the parties are doing.

Sometimes a single day can give you an interesting glimpse into how things are going. Watching my social media feed over the past 24 hours, I couldn’t help but notice how one party was having a very good day and another was having a rough one. Let’s start with the example of the good day, had by New Democrat Jagmeet Singh:

If you are a political leader, days like these can feel so amazing. Crowds rushing to meet you, selfies galore, exchanging DMs with Rihanna, the most money raised on any day this entire year; these are all amazing things to happen to any politician, let alone in the middle of a campaign. And to see everyone’s reactions to all of this, to see people wanting to be seen with Jagmeet, giving lots of money, these are all good signs of momentum, especially this far into the race.

If the Liberals had thought they could wedge progressives into the Red Door/Blue Door argument of old, this is not a good development for them. And for them, the day didn’t get any better. In fact, they are the ones who had the bad day, and as these posts and clips shows, it was pretty bad:

Wow folks, wow. Having any one of those things come out on any single day would be bad enough, but all of them, that is devasting stuff. Between those young children questioning Mr. Trudeau on the blackface and brownface incidents and Judy Sgro’s stunning comments about the same, it makes for a contrast that just slaps you upside the head and screams bad things. And then you add the Liberal anti-abortion candidate in Northern BC, as the Liberals have been going after the Conservatives and Andrew Scheer for just this, it’s all very, very bad.

Despite this good day for the NDP and the bad one for the Liberals, the open question that still sits out there is “will this move the numbers?”. Over four weeks, it really hasn’t but I can’t help but think that at some point something has to break here, right? I mean how many of these bad things can pile up for the Liberals before  things finally let loose. And for the NDP, how many good campaign days can you keep stringing together before the party numbers actually start to move in a big way? We are going to find out by election day but at this point that is the open question and I think that most Canadians are eager to see what the answer to that will be.