For those who know me or have been reading my work for a while, you might know that I have some passions outside of politics. Soccer (or as we all call it, Football) and Basketball are both other passions of mine, loves in my life that mean a lot to me. I’m a sports fan in general and there are certain journalists in the sports media whose work I always look for and respect.

One such journo is Bomani Jones of ESPN. Jones has a saying that he uses on his shows a fair bit that always speaks to me when I hear it: Hustling Backwards. That means simply that you’re trying hard, but you’re really setting yourself back because of what you’re trying so hard to do. It’s a great line I love to use when people are taking completely the wrong approach to something, and try 150% while doing it. Today we saw a prime example of this saying in Victoria, one that was just mind-blowingly stupid & made the cause these people support look bad by their association. So, what happened? Well here it is:

This morning in Langford, BC three members of Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Island attempted to block the home of B.C. Premier John Horgan. The attempt was about trying to disrupt todays BC Budget, which made this attempt one that wasn’t well thought out at all; Horgan himself wasn’t home when they tried to “block” him into his house and some media reported that when he heard the news, he actually returned home. Now if that was the only fail here that would be enough but oh no, no, no, that wasn’t all. No, here is what Global BC has to say on the matter:

In a Facebook post published Tuesday morning, Extinction Rebellion Vancouver Island said it stands in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs who oppose the Coast GasLink pipeline and accused Horgan, as well as Coastal GasLink and the RCMP, of “trespassing.”

“We just wanted to let Premier Horgan know what it was like to be invaded,” said Heidi Esinheth, who described herself as a neighbour of Horgan’s.

“Maybe he needed to be invaded in his home to understand what it was like to be invaded in your home. Only we didn’t come with military weapons and we didn’t point sights at anyone, we just laid on the ground in front of his driveway, and it made him very angry. He swore at us.”

Demonstrator Douglas Prentice, who said he also goes by the name of “Captain Painfully Obvious,” said one of the group’s members was planning to conduct a citizen’s arrest on the premier for “war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The fact that someone who calls himself “Captain Painfully Obvious” couldn’t see how painfully, obviously terrible an idea this was is just the cherry on this crap sundae. For one these protestors ought to know, after all the news coverage to that effect, that the Premier of BC doesn’t direct the RCMP, neither does the Prime Minister. That would be political interference in an independent judiciary, you know the exact thing that these same people likely whine and whinge about Donald Trump doing out in the open last week. I doubt they notice that, but whatever.

Next the idea of “well we should show the Premier what it’s like to have your home invaded” is some extremely dark and dangerous stuff. That’s going way beyond peaceful protest and going to openly threatening the safety of an elected leader of a Canadian government. That crosses more than a few lines and I look forward to the charges coming to that effect.

Finally, the coupe de grace here from these idiots is the attempt to conduct a “citizen’s arrest for war crimes and crimes against humanity”. Holy clutching your privileged pearls Batman!!! Again, not only is that legally faulty given the fact that, as mentioned, Horgan doesn’t control the RCMP like his personal hit squad, no matter what rhetoric you want to try to put out there to that effect. But this is also an amazing piece of overreach that just brings disrepute to anyone who believes that climate change needs to be fought and acted upon. By their very association, this handful of woke fools makes the entire environmental movement look worse and those who are actually protesting to support the Wet’suwet’en’s right to choose for themselves.

As I have written elsewhere last week, this is a prime example of others trying to use this situation to try to advance their own goals rather than support the Wet’suwet’en. This is the kind of selfish ignorance that I’ve come to expect from some of the most zealous of the zealots out there, but when you talk about invading the home of an elected politician, that’s way too far. Back in October of 2014, my workplace got shot up but some looney who thought that some politicians deserved it and it’s exactly that kind of thought that these idiots partook in that leads to that. Sorry, there are no grey lines when it comes to the safety of elected officials in a properly operating democracy and if you’ve got a problem with that, then that’s your problem not mine.

In the end, this case is the ultimate example of hustling backwards, as these people managed to not only make themselves look terrible, built more sympathy for John Horgan and made their movement look irrational by throwing around words like “war crimes”. They totally overreached here and hurt their cause a hell of a lot more than they ever could have helped it. I’d like to think they will take that away from this saga. But in my experience, people who do this kind of stupid act are beyond learning from their errors because they just reinforce their world view. And then the hustling backward continues again for them.

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