Democracy can be a messy thing in the best of times and sometimes partisanship can be a Hell of a drug. Regardless of those facts, democracy is the best way to govern without a doubt as no system is perfect and I’ll gladly take the messy parts of this system than the ones that come in others. But at times it’s hard not to get disappointed by those who are elected to serve us.

For all the moments they make us proud and do great things, we see the other side of failure, disappointment or just simply bad stuff. But despite the ups and downs that can come with that performance, normally when we are faced with tough times and hard situations, they put the crap aside and rise to the moment. Normally they get that hard situations and tough times are not the time for partisan crap and buggery. I keep saying “normally” because, well, normally this is understood and acted upon. Well folks, today’s Question Period in Ottawa can surely not be described that way because on the day when the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic due to Covid-19, well we got this instead:

Think about that folks; the WHO says we have a global pandemic, Italy has closed its borders, the NBA is starting to see games closed to fans or postponed, we find out that someone attending the Prospectors & Developers Conference in Toronto last week has been diagnosed with Covid-19, an event where the Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario, hundreds of politicians, Indigenous leaders, business people and others attended and even lead to the Minister of Natural Resources going into self-quarantine because he’s not feeling well. And of course, there is more to add to that.

And with all that, ALL THAT, you don’t ask a bloody question about the government’s damn response to it until over half an hour into Question Period? Your leader doesn’t ask a single one about it? You ask about crazed allegations about the Bloc allegedly being “bought” by the Liberals and other crazed stuff, you do that for nearly two full rounds of questions, but you don’t ask a single question about the global pandemic we’re facing? Furthermore, the only time that Andrew Scheer uttered the word “Coronavirus” during his questions was to chide Justin Trudeau by saying “You can’t blame Coronavirus” for the economic troubles of the past week. Come on, how in the Hell can you be taken as serious when you refuse to ask a single question about the most important issue facing our country, it’s health and its economy?

Christ I would call this political malpractice on the part of this current Conservative caucus in the House of Commons but it’s surely becoming much more of a feature of their performance and a bug in it. And all of this happened on a Wednesday, the day that Trudeau has made a habit of answering every single question asked in Question Period. There were many good, valid questions that the Conservatives could have asked, that Canadians would have loved to get answers to. Here are just a few of them that the Conservatives thought weren’t worth their while:

  • What measures is the government considering to further help workers who may get laid off as a result of the effects of Covid-19 on the economy?
  • What will the governments announced funds for research be spent on?
  • Does the government have any contingency plans to purchase needed supplies to help keep Canadians healthy like hand sanitizer?
  • Given the media reports of a Covid-19 case being linked to the PDAC conference and the PM’s attendance there, has the PM been tested after potentially being exposed to coronavirus?
  • Will the PM going to be entering self-quarantine, similar to Minister O’Regan?
  • Are there any precautions being taken, or plans being made to assure the functioning of the House of Commons and Senate as this crisis unfolds?
  • With the budget being announced for March 30th, will the government be taking any extra precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19 on Budget Day?

I could easily go on but right there are more than enough serious, solid, good questions that the Conservatives could have used that would have made them look like they were taking this situation seriously instead of wasting everyone’s time trying to score the cheapest of political points out there. This is serious stuff in serious times and that calls for a serious response from our political leaders. Today’s QP was the polar opposite of serious from at least one party in the House and man it was so seriously depressing to see. Everything that I have written here really should have gone without saying, yet here I am, having to say it, again, because it doesn’t seem to be sinking in. Christ MPs, enough of this stuff. Enough already, I cannot say it enough. For the love of everything Holy and good, stop it and start dealing with the big, life threatening pandemic before us. It’s in moments like these that parties and leaders truly show their metal and their abilities, for better or worse. Sadly today it was a lot of the latter and if this doesn’t turn around fast, it’s not going to bring anything good for anyone, especially those MPs putting it out there.