With things developing so fast around Covid-19 and just dealing with day to day life, we’ve all been going through some changes to our routines. For me, that’s involved working from home, which I am blessed and fortunate to be able to do. Others are having to make much harder choices, face harder decisions or dealing with the fall out of decisions being made above them that are affecting their lives. Some layoffs are starting to happen, and they will be far from the last one.

But regardless of your specific situation at home, we all know that these are very serious and unprecedented times. We’ve seen governments at all levels take serious steps, suspending Parliaments, cancelling regular meetings and activities and doing many important things to ensure that they are setting the example when it comes to social distancing. Given the announcements regarding cancelling gatherings of more than 50 people and the general advisability of avoiding groups, this all makes sense and you’d think that no one would be bucking that trend. But amazingly, that logic seems not to be universal as I saw this come up in my social media feed this morning:

Everyone, I can’t properly describe my anger when I read that story and what topped it off for me was the picture, seeing all of those people crammed together in that space. I have since heard that the meeting happened last Thursday, not last night, but regardless my feelings remain; it wasn’t a good idea for yesterday, last week, or any time in the last month. While a lot has happened in the last week, it’s been going on for longer than that and public health authorities have been properly cancelling meetings and events all along.

So why in the bloody hell did the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands decide to go ahead with this meeting, in full knowledge that it would get a big turnout, where it was clear that people would be crammed together in a tight space? It was just not smart to be polite, but damn right dumb to be blunter. There was no reason for that meeting to go ahead and if people were going to get pissy about it, well tough crap. The notice from the municipality says that they are taking public comment on this and are until the end of March, but if anyone thinks that in this environment, in this situation, that that deadline is hard and fast, well then they’re out to lunch. Everyone would expect that such a decision being made would be delayed because while it may be important to some, traffic flow in the village of Rockport is so far down the list of concerns right now that it doesn’t even warrant listing where it is.

The idea that this municipality didn’t just cancel that meeting is the height of irresponsibility and they better pray to whatever deity that those council members pray to that no one gets sick because they went to a meeting to moan about too many tour busses. Christ! To me, this can’t be highlighted enough because in these times, we need our government at all levels to set the example for others to follow. In this case, the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands failed miserably and doesn’t deserve to have that fact hidden from the World. I hope that this case serves as a warning to other governments who decide to thumb their nose at what’s happening in the world around us, no matter how inconvenient those facts are to the life in their tiny, little bubble.