As we enter April, we’re starting to get a better idea of how long we will be in this fight to stop Covid-19. Getting good information out to everyone about how they can do their part is important, and so far here at this blog we’ve highlighted some good examples to help people with that. But today I wanted to highlight so great Public Service Announcement videos, or PSA’s, that have been coming out to drive home the message. We’ve seen some great examples so far, and will likely see more to come, but we’ve seen PSA’s to reach just about everyone on their own levels. Let’s start with some examples of government PSA’s, starting with this one from Israel:

Wow, talk about effective and showing how Covid-19 can spread. Here is another example of trying to convince people to change their habits and keep their distance, from Egypt:

That is humourous, making another great point. Humour is a great way to drive home a point and we’ve seen some great examples of humour being used to serve the cause of getting information out there about Covid-19, like these:

Those were funny while giving some good advice, driving home a good point. But we’ve also heard from some of our favourites in the comedy world who have stepped up to not just drive home the point about how to help, but to call out those who are shirking their responsibilities in this moment:

Rick Mercer, Larry David, Michael Rappaport, Arnold… wow, wow, wow!!! Cutting right to the chase, but maybe it’s what’s called for in this moment and it will surely reach certain people out there who have been hard to reach. But while a straight talking to is what some people need, for others it’s music. And for those people, well we’ve got you covered:

For some, they need a different messenger to get this message from. With that in mind, well we’ve seen some amazing examples of those too:

Mascots and puppets! Hey, whatever it takes to get the job done folks in these times. But to wrap this up I had to include one last example, one that really speaks to the moment we’re living in. We’ve seen many people taking to Netflix and other streaming services to watch TV as they’re stuck and home, and for some reason that’s lead many to watch pandemic themed movies. Honestly, I don’t get it but I don’t judge it either. The big one of those movies that has become suddenly popular is “Contagion”, a 2011 film in which according to IMDB “healthcare professionals, government officials and everyday people find themselves in the midst of a pandemic as the CDC works to find a cure.” Yep, that’s true. So with all the new PSA’s coming out about Covid-19, we will wrap this up with a PSA by the cast of “Contagion”, which seems as random as it is timely. Enjoy and be safe!