Through out our fight against Covid-19 we’ve seen so many people rise to the challenge of these times, make big sacrifices and do whatever they can to help their communities. We’ve seen great stories of self-sacrifice and work on the behalf of us all, doing hard things that most of us never thought we would face. Those stories have given us much to be proud of & shown the best of what we are capable of.

But as I’ve continually had to display here, while we’ve had many great examples of people soring like an eagle in this moment, we’ve seen far too many decide to act like buzzards instead. It’s been an ongoing theme as we’ve seen some people use this moment to share dangerous misinformation and just be completely unhelpful. It’s one thing when that crap comes from everyday folks, but it’s something completely different when it comes from an elected official, regardless of the office they hold. It was with that in mind that I came across this example that’s been floating around social media for the past twenty-four hours, an ugly example of ignorance that deserves to be called out:

Everyone meet Barry Neufeld, a trustee with the Chilliwack School Board in British Columbia. That picture you see above is a screen shot of crap that he shared on Facebook. After going to his Facebook page, it looks like Mr. Neufeld deleted said message, in which he makes ugly and ignorant comments that somehow managed to meld Dr. Theresa Tam, the WHO, transgendered rights and the sterilization of children all into one stream of ignorant insanity. And that’s coming from an elected official who has a direct say in the education of children, safely assuming some transgendered kids included.

Now because he deleted that message you might think this was a one-off and that he thought better of it all. Well, just a quick glace through that same Facebook page gives you a glimpse into what Mr. Neufeld has been posting about during the global pandemic. Here is a sampling since April (and in case these get deleted, I have screenshots to post if needed). Let’s start with other Covid-19 conspiracy crap (Update May 13th: Mr. Neufeld closed his Facebook account but as mentioned, I had screenshots. So they have been placed into the post.):

Yep, this wasn’t a one-off on Covid-19, as he shares dismissive memes and even sneaks in a tiger reference to go after “experts” for over social distancing measures. This is the same kind of crap we’ve seen from many Covid-19 denialists, but to see this coming from an elected official is extremely dangerous. But if that wasn’t enough to convince you, there’s more. How about some anti-vaxxer stuff to add to the mix of insanity?

This time Barry shares anti-vaxxer misinformation and crap, with a link that shares extremely dangerous and debunked statements. As a school board trustee who is responsible for ensuring that provincial guidelines around children in schools having their proper vaccinations, this is beyond disturbing to see him share and should be disqualifying. Yet there he is, and folks, we’re not done yet. How about we add this one too:

Holy Crap on a biscuit folks, that seems to hit on every single trope from the extreme right lately doesn’t it? Again, lots of ignorant crap, lots of things that should disqualify this guy from being elected to anything, let alone a board that has a say in the education of children. At this point I think you’re seeing that Mr. Neufeld’s original message wasn’t some misguided one-off mistake, but part of an ongoing pattern of ignorant behaviour and actions. And to think, during this global pandemic when we’re expecting elected officials to be focusing on the well being of others or in this case, students who attend their schools, that’s the tripe this guy is sharing.

That’s a total failure on his part, one that I’d say he should be ashamed about but it’s pretty clear he feels no shame in what he says or does. He seems pretty chuffed about his crap, which requires that this be called out all the more. I’m left to wonder why his fellow school board trustees or the board chair haven’t called him out. The BC Minister of Education has, setting a good example for those trustees to follow. Furthermore, I don’t know why those trustees and board chair haven’t moved to reprimand him for these ignorant words that just sullies their board by association.

There is no way that guy should be in that position as any one of those posts above would be disqualifying by themselves, let alone all put together as a whole. So I would invite my readers to reach out to the members of that board to call for their action to hold the person they are unfortunate to call their colleague to account. Enough is enough and any public official who acts in such an irresponsible way in these important times needs to face the wrath for their words. It’s time for Mr. Neufeld to be held accountable for his ignorance because in these hard days he has failed to meet the most basic expectations of any elected official. Because, just as he pointed out in another Facebook post, Mr. Neufeld apparently needs to be kept under control because he’s acting like a jackass who doesn’t understand the danger of this moment.