Today is a day I thought I’d have to wait at least a few years for. Sure I had hoped that this day would come sooner than later but given the person involved with it, it wasn’t likely to come. Yet here we are, on the first day in the House of Commons for 2021 and we from Northwestern Ontario have finally gotten some good news surrounding the disgraced and hateful Senator from our region. Folks, I’ll let the news speak for itself:

First off, let me just say how good it is to see Lynn Beyak slink away from the Red Chamber. Sure, in her press release about her immediate retirement she showed about as much contrition and growth as you would have expected, which is precisely none whatsoever. We all knew that he words of alleged apology when she begged and pleaded with her colleagues in the Senate to lift her suspension were hollow and meaningless, and that statement just confirmed every bit of that. Now on her way out the door, she stood by all of her ignorant and dishonourable statements, showing no remorse for any of her past words or actions in this awful matter. I’d hope that her Conservative senate colleagues who supported her reinstatement would reflect on the fact that she clearly wasn’t the least bit contrite and was only trying to save her senate salary, but I doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon.

In the meantime, this is a good day for the people of Treaty Three territory and Northwestern Ontario as a whole. This day never would have taken so long to come, but now that it’s here I won’t dwell on that. The fact that she is no longer a representative of our region is a good thing and I hope that this painful episode is one that is not only remembered, but triggers better going forward. The fact is that good won here over hate, and that is something we should celebrate. But that can’t be the end of the work ahead.

Now is the time to look forward and I hope that the people who came together to speak out again this Senator continue to be active and demanding better of our elected officials in these matters. Furthermore, I also hope that the Prime Minister takes this opportunity created by Beyak’s resignation to make a point through his appointment to replace her. Now is the time to appoint someone from our region who is fully committed to reconciliation and serving all people who call our region home. It’s time to appoint someone who will work hard and not seek to sow division for their own benefit. In short, it’s time to appoint someone who is the polar opposite of Lynn Beyak to replace Lynn Beyak. I can think of many people from Northwestern Ontario who would fit that description and I hope that they go online and put their name forward for consideration.

So today we can celebrate this welcomed departure and what comes next is in our hands. We deserve better from our local Senator and now is the time to get it. We’ll see what come next but thankfully this episode can be put behind us, along with my “Beyak retirement clock”, and we can move forward together. It’s a happy day indeed and to Mrs. Beyak, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the Red Chamber.

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