Having worked in and around politics for as long as I have, it’s easy for my positivity about and hope in the profession to be lessened. I’ve gotten to work with some amazing politicians who represented their communities with honour and respect, and worked to get true results for Canadians. I’ve gotten to know other politicians who were very similar, despite being in different parties with different views. They may not have agreed with us on any given day, but they always respected their opponents and viewed them as dedicated citizens in an important role in a functioning democracy.

Sadly though it’s rarely those politicians who get the attention in the public eye. Instead, we end up hearing more from the loud minority of elected people who are more worried about themselves about anything else, people who viciously attack those on the other side and treat anyone who doesn’t share the 150% ideological views that them as the worst enemies on Earth, even if they are in their own caucus. This is something we’ve seen get more and more pronounced over time, which frankly sucks. But even with that feature being around, I think that even the most pessimistic among us would hope that these worst among the worst would overcome themselves and rise to the moment in a time of crisis. Well over the weekend we saw a piece of news come out that continues to prove that during COVID-19, some of those worst of the worst simply refuse to rise to anything proper:

Look everyone, as disappointed as I am in seeing this whole group come together to basically cheerlead a vicious disease that’s killed over 20,000 Canadians, am I shocked? Hell to the no. If this motley crew of selfish group has shown anything about themselves over time, it’s that it’s all about them no matter what. It makes sense that this group of narcissists would eventually find each other like this, so there they are. But that’s not all that there is to this. It’s one thing to play these dumbass, cruel political games over normal political matters, but to do this while people are literally losing their lives, jobs and everything they hold dear? That’s another level of low that never should be seen in our politics. Yet we see this group come together like the #cdnpoli  equivalent of the Power Rangers in reverse; coming together and looking wearer and worse by comparison. You’d think that other people who are actually elected wouldn’t want to be a part of that, yet amazingly more came out about this story late yesterday that added a whole new twist to this crap:

It’s one thing for defeated MPs, expelled crotchety backbenchers or random far flung municipal politicians who won the support of mere hundreds to win to take batshit crazy positions like this. It’s something completely different for any member of a sitting government to sign onto the “Pro-COVID” movement. That means publicly going against your government in the middle of a massive crisis and screams “No Confidence” in your leader. To have not just one but two MLA’s do it, wow, that’s nuts. And if you believe UCP MLA Angela Pitt’s quote to the Western Standard, “more colleagues are certain to follow”. That’s insane folks, seriously insane.

This last development adds a whole new layer of political craziness to this story because when you look at the original members of this group (Bernier, Sloan, Hillier and others), most of them have already been ostracized by their parties or lost their seats. They got their punishments for their craven and unacceptable behaviour, so you could argue they now have nothing to lose by doubling down on their douchiness. But for these two MLAs, sitting in the government caucus, one even being Deputy Speaker of the Alberta Legislature, what does this say about them that they are still in the UCP caucus with no punishment as of yet? What does it say about Jason Kenney’s leadership that he’s not moved at the speed of light to punt these two from his party? And how are Albertans (or Canadians for that matter) supposed to believe that this Premier is actually interested in stopping COVID when he allows these kinds of people to stay in his government? It’s not like Kenney’s response to this crisis has been good, but this is a totally different level of crap.

In the meantime, this is exactly the kind of story that just pisses me off about those crappy “politicians” who draw all the oxygen in the room with this shit. If this was over some issue of little to no importance, it would just be a mere annoyance. But this is literally life and death, this is of the highest consequence for so many Canadians. And the idea that these people are deciding to take the “pro-death, pro-disease” side of this argument because they think it’s a political winner is just disgusting. Real politicians are responsible and know that there are limits to where you go to win votes or raise money. Real politicians have decency and respect for their fellow man and know that not ever approach is equal or right when it comes to getting a vote. We’ve seen what it looks like Stateside when craven people with no ethics or morals will seek votes in the darkest motives and thoughts of society, and this group of COVID-philes sees that as a model to follow, not a cautionary tale. These people are not politicians in my mind, they are hucksters and immoral opportunists, and deserve to be called out as such. In the meantime, sadly we’ll have this loud group of the small people yelling and screaming together, calling to let more people die so they can have a steak in the place of their choosing. That’s all kinds of wrong and deserves to be called out as such and I, for one, am tired of their crap. It’s time to call it out for what it is, and I hope that the majority of those good politicians will do just that.