It’s mid-February and we’re close to a full year into this bloody COVID pandemic. Here in Eastern Ontario, we’re getting hit with our largest snowstorm of the season so far and in many parts of Canada, it’s been frigid cold for a couple of weeks. Needless to say, for many of us our nerves are starting to fray just a tad. Burn out doesn’t quite cover how many are feeling and really folks, we could all use a holiday, right? Well for most Canadians yesterday was that day, as we all got a stat holiday to spend time with the family.

In Ontario, we call it Family Day and it was a time to reconnect with our loved ones and get a little extra rest. But given that we are still dealing with COVID, having a holiday didn’t mean taking a holiday from staying safe. Nope, it meant staying home, taking care of one another and following COVID protocols. This year the most important thing that we could do for our families was “to celebrate with ONLY those you live with.” Don’t believe me? I borrowed that phrase from this guy:

Yeah, Premier Ford says to stay home to protect folks and is even thanking us for doing it. Aww geeze, what a swell guy right? Here we are staying hunkered down at home and I’m sure that he’s doing his part while doing the same. He must be protecting his family and other families by celebrating that day with only those who he lives with, right? Yeah… well, about that:

Okay, I’m pissed. Seriously effing pissed off right now. Maybe it’s the snow, maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s that I’m still stinging from not being able to say my last goodbyes to my late grandmother (who would have turned 94 on February 9th). Maybe it’s all of those things. But seriously, what the actual f*ck?!?!?! Not only is Dougie giving everyone the middle finger on this Family Day weekend as he tweets at us all to stay home, but he’s also doing it in plain view, for CTV News cameras to see him doing it.

And what is the reason why he did this? To wish former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion a lovely 100th birthday. My mind is effing blown at this, and this is no knock-on Hurricane Hazel. Seriously, we’re in a global pandemic, where we’re all suffering and the leader of the province of Ontario decides to break these rules, he’s yelling at all of us to follow to visit someone on their 100th birthday? You know, the exact same kind of person who is at the highest risk of getting and dying from COVID??? And no one grabbed this guy by the scruff of his neck and said, “No Doug, don’t do it”.

If Doug really wanted to do this, he could have visiting Hazel the same way that so many of us have been forced to meet with our elderly loved ones; he could have done it over Facetime, he could have called, he could have stood outside the window in the cold while she was safe inside. Nope, instead he goes over to her house delivering presents in one of the most tone deaf and ignorant moments I can possibly think of. Add to that the juxtaposition of his Twitter message, telling us to “celebrate with ONLY those you live with”. I’m pretty sure that goes for birthdays as much as it does for Family Day, but I’m sure at some point we’ll be told they’re not the same and treat it like some cheap loophole.

Seriously folks, my patience for this kind of crap is near its end. We’re coming up on a year now and almost all of us have had to make do when it comes to these things. We’ve all had loved ones that we couldn’t see on their birthdays, or at Christmas, or Thanksgiving and that will soon again be the case at Easter. Many of us have had to watch from a distant as our beloved elders have suffered alone, but we’ve done it to ensure that they could live to get through this awful moment. Most of us get the sacrifices that we have to make right now, and we take them seriously,

But then something like this crap happens, man oh man. I don’t know what you say to this crap. Seriously I’m as gob smacked as I’m fuming mad. This is exactly the kind of crap that undercuts any good work or measures that are being taken. This is the kind of stupidity that makes more people check out on doing their part. This is exactly the kind of thing that drives people up the wall. And this is exactly the kind of thing that is so stupidly simple to have avoided happening. Seriously, this is the kind of mistake that you make when you’re not serious about this issue.

It doesn’t matter if this was careless or not giving a flying f*ck about applying the rules to themselves, it’s a huge middle finger to the people of Ontario at the worst possible time. As we are seeing the worse variants taking hold and the worst still ahead of us, right now people need to trust that their leaders are doing as they tell us to do. Instead we get Dougie dropping off birthday presents to a famous centenarian, with a TV crew in tow. It’s because of stupidity like this that I’m less and less confident about this governments ability to deal with this crisis properly. As a result, I’m more and more worried about what is going to come, and I know I’m not alone in that. If Doug Ford could manage to do the very meager basics of his job here, which is basically following his own bloody rules, that might be different. But apparently, he can’t, because he keeps showing us over and over again with this latest episode. I keep holding out hope for better, but like my patience, that’s running out too.