In these days of COVID, sometimes it feels hard to really take in and enjoy good news when it comes. Today I had a great example of this feeling come into my life with two stories that are all too typical of the rollercoaster of life in the days of COVID. The first comes from the community that I’ve lived in for the past years now, Brockville, and is a genuinely good news story in these dark days:

Yes, finally some good news! One of the good actions taken by both Ottawa and Queen’s Park was the move they took in the Fall to support 3M in Brockville to produce more N95 masks. Consider where we were just a year ago, when we were having to fending off Donald Trump trying to scoop PPE off of runways around the World as we were trying to find every scrap, we could get out hands on. Very early on we realized just how vulnerable we were because we didn’t produce such important items here at home. We’ve seen this play out across the board, from PPE, to vaccines and other important materials.

So governments start to make noises about bringing this kind of production back home, onshoring jobs and manufacturing in the process. So when Trudeau and Ford came to Brockville together in September to announce this move at 3M, it was one of the few good moments for both governments. They saw a problem, put their crap aside and acted. And here we are, 6 months after shovels went into the ground, 3M is shipping N95’s made here at home, right as the third wave strikes. It’s a great example of what’s possible when government puts the excuses aside and can accomplish when the will is there. Now only if that would happen in other sectors (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

But being the time of COVID, there’s no way that we could just have this good news story. No, because that’s not how any of this has worked. We’ve had malcontents refusing to do their part to fight COVID, instead doing the opposite with some of the most ignorant and rude language possible. The worst offender on this front has been MPP Randy Hillier and if you haven’t noticed by now, he’s been one of the most irresponsible elected officials in the country over this period. Hillier, through his continued offensive and sociopathic actions, has single-handedly made the case for the ability to remove an elected official from office in this country. And if you thought that he hadn’t done enough yet to prove that point, he’s not done yet according to the Kemptville Advance:

When I first saw this story, I clearly thought it was bad. Hillier, in all of his selfishness and ignorance, has decided to hold this super-spreader-in-waiting event in the same health unit where the N95 news comes from. It turns out that on top of an event, this will also be a video shoot for a No More Lockdowns commercial featuring Hillier himself. Yeah, selfish as Hell folks. Yet that little news story didn’t tell the whole story because it left out a big detail, which came to the surface on a poster for this event:

A mask burning party? Seriously, a f*cking mask burning party? What the serious f*ck man? At the same time that we can finally celebrate some good news in this past year of Hell for so many, Hillier and his crew of the selfish have decided to throw a “party” burning the very thing that we’ve been working so hard to be able to make. Oh, and he plans on shooting a commercial at the same time, which we can assume will probably include images of said mask burning.

This is so far beyond the pale that it’s not even funny. This is anti-social and malignant behaviour that has no place in our society, let along coming from an MPP making a six-figure salary which acting this way. Given Hillier’s history and track record of actions, we know that he’s selfish and a prick of the highest order (that and he clearly has a suspender fetish that I really don’t want to know any more about). Just like the 15 MLAs in Alberta I wrote about earlier, Hillier is being ignorant and completely unhelpful. He’s putting people’s health at risk at that event tonight, while empowering people to ignore public health measures that save lives. He is the perfect example of someone whose selfish ideological views make him completely unequipped to deal with such a serious moment. Randy only cares about Randy, that’s who he’s always been. While other politicians have grown in this past hard year, Randy has shrunk to the smallest of men. As I have said about him before, he should feel some degree of shame for his actions, but he never will because he is shameless. None of that remains in doubt, and he just keeps proving it by showing how small a person he really is.