Now that we are into the 13th month of these COVID pandemic measures, it’s understandable that some peoples’ nerves are getting frayed, and their patience is wearing thin. We’ve been through a lot in this period of time, and we’re still not done. Most people have been doing their part, following public health measures religiously and doing their best to protect their neighbours and families. It’s been a great example of the best of Canadian citizenship and how we are towards each other.

Yet throughout this crisis, there has been a small, extremely vocal minority who have decided to do the opposite of that. They’ve selfishly looked to put themselves first and foremost, trying to take advantage of this moment to advance their own goals and in the process, put the health of others at risk. This morning a prime example of this came into the news and honestly, it’s one that felt like it was just a matter of time before it came:

It’s felt like it was only a matter of time before some church group decided to take the government to court over the COVID public health measures, so that isn’t the part that bothers me. The courts are there for all to access them and that’s anyone’s right, so have at it. And when you look at this court case, it looks like a loser from the start. As CBC Manitoba reports this morning, the statement of claim in this case “alleges the number of COVID-19 deaths in Manitoba has been “inaccurately inflated and the resulting inaccurate figures” have been used to justify the lockdowns, and that modeling data is “flawed and unreliable.”” Seriously, if you’re going to court trying to argue anti-mask and anti-science crap, you deserve to lose and thankfully, that’s the most likely outcome here.

What bothers me about this case though is how some of the people involved in this have been thumbing their noses and public health measures through out and have made cause with irresponsible politicians like Derek Sloan, Randy Hillier and others. One of the churches in this case is also affiliated with the church in Aylmer, ON that both Sloan and Hillier are charged with speaking at the other weekend. In fact, in various media pieces I read about this one church in Steinbach, MB, the pastor of that church in Aylmer is referred to as their “spokesman”. Yep, what exactly is a pastor from southwestern Ontario doing speaking for a church 2200 kms and a time zone away in southeastern Manitoba? It’s not like the pastor of this church in Steinbach isn’t out there speaking, as he showed just last weekend in Winnipeg:

Yep, that’s one of the pastors bringing this case speaking at an infamous anti-mask rally with the cream of the anti-masker, anti-science crop. What exactly about masks infringe on “religious freedoms”? Nothing, but this sounds like someone who was looking for a stage and like-minded folks. And this is the crap that pisses me off big time.

The fact is that thousands of churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship across Canada have gone online and done virtual services for over a year. They have continued to come together as community, to pray and to continue their traditions as best as they can. They’ve done their part, proving that this attempt to paint this kind of anti-social behaviour has a fight about “religious freedoms” is a fake as they come. The irony isn’t lost on me when you look at the history of Protestantism and the break away from the Catholic Church, one of the big arguments came back to where one could talk to God. The Catholic Church of the day believed that one could only speak to God at Mass, at church. Protestants believed that anyone could speak to God anywhere at any time. So it’s more than slightly ironic to me that it’s a small group of extreme protestant churches are trying to argue that the only way their parishioners can speak to God is with their rear ends glued to their pews, while the Catholic Church holds virtual masses over YouTube and Facebook every weekend.

In the end, this is aggravating to me because, as I sadly have to keep pointing out, our Charter rights are not limitless and that with those rights come with responsibilities to one another. These groups bringing forward cases like these are trying to ignore both of those basic facts and in the process, are becoming the best friend of those who are anti-vaccination, anti-mask, anti-science, anti-social and pro-their own agendas. They are also acting like COVID-19’s best friends and advocates, putting their fellow citizens at risk and hot caring a damn if others die or not. This is the kind of selfish crap that is not only ignorant and anti-social, it’s some of the most un-Christ like behaviour we’ve seen in a long time. The fact that they claim they’re doing this in his name just makes it all the worst and puts them in a lowly category all their own.

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