As we move further along through the COVID pandemic, we’re starting to see progress. More and more Canadians are getting vaccinated, things are slowly opening up and case numbers are going down. We’re progressing in the right direction yet still we’re seeing anti-vaxxers causing troubles and just, well, being their anti-social selves. But today we’re seeing a scene play out in Nova Scotia that not only involves anti-vaxxers, but also involves a member of the Nova Scotia Legislature. It all started with a video from said MLA yesterday:

Yep folks, that’s Nova Scotia Conservative MLA for Cumberland North Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin. If you’re not familiar with her “work”, she ran for the leadership of the Nova Scotia PC’s and lost. She also made comments in the Nova Scotia legislature that marijuana use in Jamaica led to “very low productivity” and “different work ethic” in the country, saying that “we already have a productivity problem here in Nova Scotia” and “we do not need something else making it worse”. And finally her alleged behaviour as an MLA led a former constituency staffer of hers to file a human rights complaint against for discrimination and harassment. A real piece of work we’re dealing with here. Anywho, that threat was followed through on this morning and led to scenes like these below. And if you have any question about the people that are doing this, listen right to the end of the video of “protest organizer” Jenn Moodie, as she gives up the plot:

Yep, anti-vaxxers are blocking the Trans-Canada Highway between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick because “freedom”. Moodie says they are protesting the lack of access between the two provinces with the new measures in place, but doesn’t see any contradiction at all when her own actions are in fact blocking access between the two provinces. She then when speaking about vaccinations, she goes onto claim that “people have gotten poisoned for their government to see their families”. Yep, vaccinations are not poisons, they just aren’t, except if you’re an anti-vaxxer. That’s the crew that Smith-McCrossin is teaming up with to blockade Nova Scotia.

Now in politics we naturally end up wondering things like “how would people react if this other person did this?”. It’s usually a good test for what’s happening because most times if it were someone else doing this, someone who they were agreeable to, they wouldn’t take this action. So with that test in mind, I did a quick search through Smith-McCrossin’s Facebook page with a question in mind: What if someone else was blockading?”. And folks, you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to see the hypocrisy here:

I know, shocking right? Sadly, it’s hardly the least bit shocking at all. Ahh yes, when it was Indigenous people standing up for their constitutional rights, Smith-McCrossin was calling it “illegal” and demanding that her Premier pressure the Prime Minister to end them. She pointed out that “businesses are being affected in Cumberland North and layoffs are coming soon for many if they are not removed immediately.” When it was Indigenous people involved, she couldn’t wait long enough for calling for them to be locked away and have the book thrown at them. You know, “law and order”. And yet here we are and she’s supporting this over what exactly? Having to quarantine a bit? Seriously? That’s hardly comparable to Indigenous peoples having their rights that have been ignored for over a century recognized. Yet here she is, raging to the barricades like a Nova Scotian Karen.

This is rank hypocrisy of a hypocritical politician who has a track record of bad judgement and putting her feet in her mouth while trying to swallow them whole. She literally threatened the Premier of Nova Scotia to bend to her demands, on a deadline no less, or else this would happen. This is not political speech or remotely acceptable. The fact that this tactic is being used by anti-vaxxers to advance their anti-public health agenda makes it all the worse in the midst of a global pandemic. This would be the time for the RCMP to go in, clear these people out and throw the book at them. I hope that Smith-McCrosson gets the Max Bernier Manitoba treatment and gets her own trip in the back of an RCMP cruiser.

Enough is enough with this crap, seriously. Governments and public authorities cannot leave the impression in place that these anti-vaxxers can take illegal actions like these. If they want to stand beside the highway and protest, go ahead, fill your boots. But this is going way too far and to not step up against this strongly will simply embolden these anti-vax fools. We’ll see how things turn out today but if blockade this goes beyond this morning, it will have already gone on far too long.

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