In all election campaigns most of the attention is paid to the “main event”; the major national parties, their campaigns and platforms, who’s up and who’s down, all that good stuff. Yet in every campaign, just like in life, there are sideshows that happen at the same time that sometimes draw out attention. Some of those sideshows are humorous, others are grotesque, and some they are downright dangerous. This campaign appears to be no different, as one of the worst sideshows in Canadian politics is rearing its ignorant and ugly head. Which one is that? Well check it out for yourself:


Yep, it turns out that Derek Sloan has decided to crawl out of his hole in the ground to re-appear, but not in the riding of Hastings-Lennox and Addington, where he was first elected in 2019. We knew he was going to run again and has even said he was going to be creating his own new party, but we’ve yet to see any clear evidence of that. But then this started to make the rounds in social media today, about Sloan making a big announcement tomorrow night, in Cochrane. No, not the sleepy Northeastern Ontario town of Cochrane, which is a good ten-hour drive from Sloan’s home base in Eastern Ontario. Nope, instead it will be in the community in Alberta instead. Which is more than 3,000 kilometres away and two time zones away from his home base.

When you look at the clipping above straight from Sloan’s website, it appears pretty clear what this guy is up to. He’s “moving” to Alberta to run, trying to save his political career in the riding of Banff-Airdrie. It’s as conservative as conservative gets, with incumbent Conservative MP Blake Richards having won their last time with 71% of the vote. What’s amazing is that Sloan would be basically the 4th “some kind of “C”” conservative to be running there in this election. Aside from Richards and Sloan, they also already have both a PPC and a Maverick Party candidate. Talk about flooding the zone!

What exactly is his angle going to be, that will somehow separate him from the crowded conservative pack in this riding? Well from the message on that event page, it appears he’s going to try to go the full MAGA. If you want to know what that’s going to look like, we’ll just take a look at what he Tweeted out this afternoon:

Sexist jokes at the expense of the Prime Minister? Yep, that’s some pretty MAGA-ish crap right there. I’m not sure what part of making cheap, sexist jokes on social media fits into his supposed belief in putting “Faith, Family & Freedom first again”, but as we’ve seen from Sloan all along, consistency or basic human decency hasn’t exactly been his strongest suit. Of course, the irony of him making sexist jokes about someone being defeated, when he’s staring defeat clearly in the face again, isn’t lost on me. It’s clear that he wasn’t going to stand a snowballs chance in Hell of getting re-elected in the riding where he won in 2019, so he literally is running clear across the country and carpetbagging it into Cochrane. Yep, that’s exactly what I expect of a “deeply unserious” politician with no scruples and less political acumen.

In the meantime, we’ll likely here a few yips and sounds from whatever it is that Sloan does in Cochrane tomorrow night but in the grand scheme of things, it seems to be of little to no consequence. His chances of beating Blaine Calkins are slim to none, and he’s fighting with the Mavericks and the PPC to be that slim. This isn’t going to end well for Sloan but that’s exactly how it probably should be; a political opportunist, getting voted off the political stage in one last blaze of crass, political opportunism. That’s what sideshows are all about, political or otherwise.