It’s Day 12 of the occupation of Ottawa and things continue to evolve. Thanks to the courageous actions taken by a 21-year-old civil servant, the honking has stopped in the downtown core and has allowed residents the chance to get some rest and sleep. It should be noted that with her action, she has done more to put this to rest than any elected official in the City of Ottawa, provincial government or federal government have to date. That speaks a lot to how bad this situation has gotten.

But as the night turns into day in the Nations Capital, we’re seeing some more developments happen that are disturbing in their own way and kind of drive home what many of us have been saying now for days:

After these bits of news, can we put a few lingering tropes being used to defend any of this to rest. Firstly, for those who say this is not an anti-vaxx group or anything like that, just listen to their spokesperson from late last night. It’s right there, saying it clear as day as he veers into anti-vaxx conspiracy crap.

Secondly, let’s also put to bed this idea that there should be any negotiations with any of this group and their leaders. They’ve been clear for a couple weeks that they want to remove the democratically elected government of Canada and replace our representative democracy with something that is the polar opposite of it. And last night again we see a repeat of this demand, somehow appointing themselves as legitimate to force such a chance and wanting the Conservatives, the Bloc and the NDP to sit in a “coalition” government with his attempted junta. Again, they keep saying over and over they want to end our democracy, so why aren’t officials taking that seriously and taking them at their word?

That video from last night looked a bit different in light of the other video below it from earlier in the day, when the organizers told folks that they’ve had backchannel conversations with Conservatives. More specifically they said that “we’ve had people make overtures and reach out to us”. Seriously, what the fuck? These people keep telling everyone their anti-democracy desires for a coup of the government that was just elected six months ago, and the Conservatives think “hey, let’s talk it out with them”. That just dangerous crap, seriously dangerous crap. But more on that in a moment.

Aside for that, the final trope that we can put to bed for good is that the police have any control over what’s happening. Despite Ottawa Police Chief Sloly’s public statements to the contrary, fuel is still getting into the site in front of Parliament Hill, and it appears through some statements that not all police officers on the scene are enforcing what the chief is saying. What exactly is the point of calling in extra police resources if they decide not to do anything? That’s not a question I ask lightly, and I know that they are dealing with a lot, but when I see quotes like the one above, I ask myself what the heck is going on there. If anything, it’s not a clear sign that the police have any control over any of this.

In the meantime, we’ve got a situation that continues without any end in sight and spreading to the Ambassador Bridge between Windsor and Detroit. We’re seeing more malign influences get in on the act, as far-right media in the United States continue to use this as a hobby horse for their culture wars (and fattening their own wallets) and now even more actors getting in the mix, like this:

Yes folks, that’s a screenshot of MPP Randy Hillier boasting about going on Russian state media controlled by Vladimir Putin himself, and then calling it superior to an actual free press like we have here in Canada. That goes beyond the usual “useful idiot” territory that Hillier normally occupies with glee and goes into danger territory of propaganda for a nation that is actively trying to squelch democracies around the world. Is that the kind of  “freedom” that Hillier, the group in Ottawa and crew want for us? I can’t help but think so because when you side with such actors, you can divine that kind of result.

And if anything should be echoing through the minds of people in government and for all citizens across the country, it should be this: At what point do we finally take these people at their word? At what point do we finally believe that they mean what they say and act accordingly? Most in Ottawa were at that point before the trucks arrived on Wellington Street, yet clearly the same isn’t true for the police, or government officials making any decisions around this. It’s getting clearer that too many MPs in one particular party haven’t gotten that message yet. Either that, they are choosing to ignore it, they see personal and political advantage in trying to exploit the situation or worse, maybe even agree with their goals. Thankfully more Conservative MPs are coming on the record in their opposition to what is happening, but that leaves us wondering about the rest. In the meantime, this occupation continues and the need for a resolution remains. It’s way past time for these people to go home because there is no way any responsible government official can entertain their demands for the overthrow of our elected government. That is a complete non-starter, and it’s about time that everyone gets on the same page and says it aloud.

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