As the occupation of Ottawa goes into day 19, things appear to be hitting an inflection point. With the federal government’s move to invoke the Emergencies Act, authorities will finally have a greater ability to move on some of the funding of the occupiers and might actually move some of these people to go home. We’ll see how that goes.

But in the meantime, throughout this whole crisis, I’ve kept coming back to one simple line when it comes to what we’re seeing. Just a week I wrote a piece on this very simple statement; At what point do we finally take these people at their word? I come back to this again today, a week later, because it appears that we’re still having to ask ourselves this question because it appears that some of the authorities aren’t taking them at their word. As evidence, I bring forward the following that’s just been sitting out there in the public domain just in the past 24 hours:

As all the big news yesterday was playing out, we were seeing these pieces coming out. Firstly, we saw the evidence collected from the raid in Coutts, Alberta and the large cache of weapons that were collected. Included in that though you see clear evidence of accelerationist influences, with a patch showing it on the body armour. As the journalist Stephen Maher points out, that symbol has appeared prominently when one of their leaders in Ottawa does livestreams from downtown Ottawa, on the site of the occupation. I’d also point out that same leader was in Ottawa, despite having outstanding firearms charges.

Beyond being scary, that’s also noteworthy because of how the spokespeople for these occupations reacted last night to this news about this arrest in Coutts. First in Ottawa, where the former RCMP officer speaking on the behalf of the occupiers basically putting out conspiracy theories about what it would mean “if” weapons were found with the occupiers in Ottawa. He suggests that they would have planted there, and even makes suggestions around the recent theft of guns from Peterborough. Hey, no matter that the police have said it was a random theft and that the thieves didn’t even know that the truck had guns, nope. They aren’t interested in facts getting in the way of their conspiracy theories.

But let’s be clear what that kind of statement is basically saying without saying it directly; they’re basically admitting there are likely some kinds of weapons among the occupiers in Ottawa. If they knew there were none, they could have said that clear as day, “No we aren’t like the group in Coutts, we have no weapons here”. Instead they tried to create some kind of scenario that would “explain” the appearance of weapons “if” they somehow appeared. You know, wink wink, nudge nudge. As a result, they’re saying a lot while trying to say very little.

If that wasn’t enough, then came another video from “leaders” in Ottawa begging their fellow travelers in Coutts to stay in place. “Stand your ground, please don’t leave” they plead, adding that if they do “support from the “south”” is on the way. We know that’s not a bluff, because in his press conference yesterday the Prime Minister noted that CBSA has been “turning away non-Canadians at the border who are trying to come to Canada to join the protest.” And given the influences that we see on the American side of the border in these movements, how much do you want to bet that any Americans trying to come to “support” Coutts or anywhere else are going to leave their arms at home? If you believe that they’ll try to come in unarmed, well I’ve got some prime swampland in Florida I’d love to sell you.

Again, if you want more examples of these people telling us exactly what they want, look at the reporting of The Line’s Jen Gerson. She went down to Coutts yesterday and talked to some of this group. She asked one of the lead organizers a clear question during her time there; “What does winning look like to you?” That organizer named “Peter” responded with a clear and simple message; “Winning looks like getting our current failed government system out of power.” He went onto say that he would be alright with a government by “any party that is currently in place that is not attached to the World Economic Forum. And there are other attachments as well.” It should be noted that no political party in Canada has any attachment to the World Economic Forum, nor other attachments. This is conspiracy theory talk, being used to justify a coup.

Despite being told a week ago this group wasn’t interested in that after spending a month saying they were, they are now back doing what they’ve always been doing. And if you need that point driven home any further, the leaks coming from the GiveSendGo campaign supporting this group drives it home. I am not going to repost the names of people who allegedly gave to that campaign here, I’ll leave that to others. But what I will note the “notes” sections of those donations are littered with references what these people feel they are supporting. “Get Trudeau out of Parliament”, “Fight Against Tyranny”, “George Soros” and alike. These people know what they are supporting, they are seeing the same evidence that everyone else is seeing and is simply ignoring it. Instead we’re seeing them funding anti-democratic behaviour.

So again I come back to this question: At what point do we finally take these people at their word? If there was no excuse for being cause of flatfooted and lackadaisical last week, what exactly excuses ignoring what’s glaring at us in the face today? They aren’t hiding anything, they aren’t trying to be cute about what they’re doing, and they clearly feel no shame about any of this. So maybe now will finally be the time that our authorities treat this with the seriousness that the words and actions of these occupiers demands. We’ll see what happens in the moments to come but as of right now, our government and authorities have zero excuses for “not knowing” what was coming or what is happening. The longer they ignore those things and continue to discount their words, the more they will be emboldened. Now is the time for the authorities to act, and a nation is watching for that to happen.